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Annona Squamosa, Sugar Apple Tree

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Names: Annona Squamosa / Sugar Apple Tree, Sweetsop Tree

Description: Annnoa Squamosa, is a small, deciduous, well-branched tree / shrub that bears edible fruits called Sugar Apples or Sweetsops. It tolerates a tropical lowland climate better than its Annona relatives helping make it the most widely cultivated of these species.

Uses: The fruit is eaten fresh and has spherical-conical shape, with a thick rind composed of knobby segments. The color is typically pale green to blue-green. The flesh is fragrant, sweet, creamy and tastes like vanilla custard

Care: Sugar apple trees are tropical plants and grow best where the temperature ranges from 50 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Full size trees do best in full sun. Take care to slowly acclimate seedlings to full sun locations, as they have been living in partly shady conditions. Seedlings and young sugar apple trees are cold and wind sensitive, take precautions when necessary. Dropping leaves and spots on leaves are common during the colder months.  Whether planting in the ground or in containers, the soil should be well-draining. Wet soil can promote diseases in sugar apple trees. Although older Sugar Apple Trees are drought tolerant, regular watering is required especially when flowering and fruiting. Fertilizing the soil is necessary especially in the early years. Mulching at the base of the tree helps with weed control and moisture retention.

Zone Notes: Sugar Apple Trees can be grown outdoors in USDA growing Zones 9-11, or in a pot in Zones 4-11 and brought inside during colder months or freezing temperatures.

NOTE: The item pictured is similar to the plant you will receive. Plants are unique; the shape, color and number of leaves may sometimes vary. Some fruit trees and other Tropical plants may have spots or lose leaves during the cold months. Contact our shop if you have any questions. All Plants and Fruit are grown with care on a small family farm in South Florida.


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