Cissus Discolor "Rex Begonia Vine" 6" with Trellis

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Scientific Name: Cissus Discolor 

Common Name: Rex Begonia Vine

Description: Cissus Discolor (sometimes called "Rex Begonia Vine" because of the multi-colored leaves, but unrelated) is a vining plant with elongated heart-shaped leaves.  The dark green, silvery white and rich burgundy pattern is a truly unique combination, making it a fantastic houseplant.

Care: Usually kept as a houseplant, it performs best when grown outdoors during the warmer months. It prefers bright indirect light indoors, and partial shade outdoors.  Water when the top of the soil is dry, but do not let the plant dry out completely.  This plant is cold sensitive and does not tolerate temps below 50 degrees Fahrenheit well. 

NOTE: The item pictured is similar to the plant you will receive. Plants are unique; the shape, color and number of leaves may sometimes vary. "XL" denotes plants that are over 12 inches tall.  Contact if you have any questions.