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Cereus Peruvianus, Peruvian Apple Cactus 2.5”

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Scientific Name: Cereus Peruvianus or Cereus Repandus

Common Name: Apple cactus, Peruvian torch, Column cactus

Description: Native to South America Cereus Peruvianus is an excellent ornamental or edible landscape addition with its tall, thorny, columnar appearance and low care requirements. This species of cacti is know for its grayish-green to bluish stems that can reach over 30′ and edible fruit.

Uses: The fruits, called Peruvian apples, form in late fall to early winter, as the plant begins to go dormant for the year. High in beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and fiber the fruit is tasty & nutritious. 

NOTE: The item pictured is similar to the plant you will receive. Plants are unique; the shape, color and number of leaves may sometimes vary. "XL" denotes plants that are over 12 inches tall.  Contact if you have any questions.