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Anthurium Clarinervium 4"

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Scientific Name: Anthurium Clarinervium

Common Name: Anthurium Clarinervium

Description: Anthurium Clarinervium is a beautiful foliage plant.  The velvety texture, thick heart shaped leaves and white veins make it a true "Collectors Plant".  In ideal outdoor tropical environments this plant can grow rather large.  As a houseplant it's size is moderate and a great addition to any collection.

Care: Provide your Anthurium bright light, but no direct sun. Water thoroughly to ensure that all the roots and soil are wet then discard any excess water sitting in the bottom of the pot or drip tray. Soggy soil will cause yellowing leaves and/or fungus, but don't allow potting medium to dry out completely.  This tropical native likes moderate to high humidity, which can be achieved indoors by grouping it with other plants or running a humidifier nearby.  Do not mist the leaves directly, because they are prone to fungus. 

NOTE: The item pictured is similar to the plant you will receive. Plants are unique; the shape, color and number of leaves may sometimes vary. "XL" denotes plants that are over 12 inches tall.  Contact if you have any questions.