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Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegated 4"

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Scientific Name: Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata

Common Name: Variegated Alocasia

Description: Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata is one of the hot houseplants for 2022.  The thick, sculpted, glossy leaves are marbled with tones of green and white blotches. It has a slow growth rate, taking about 10 years to reach its full height of 12-15 feet and width of 4-6 feet in ideal conditions.

Care: They need bright, indirect light and prefer warm, humid conditions. Make sure to not place the plant in direct sunlight to prevent leaves from scorching and burning.

NOTE: The item pictured is similar to the plant you will receive. Plants are unique; the shape, color and number of leaves may sometimes vary. "XL" denotes plants that are over 12 inches tall.  Contact if you have any questions.